These are some example 3ds Max scene files (.max) created by Hair Farm users. You can open these files with Hair Farm Demo as well as other versions of Hair Farm.

Grass Sim Test

3ds Max 9 and above

Cyber Radiance

A simple simulation test of an object interacting with grass.

Grass in Wind

3ds Max 2008 and above

Rune Spaans

Animating grass generated using Hair Farm tools.


3ds Max 2009 and above

Cedric Lepiller

A stylized character with nice long hair.

A Simple Plait Animation

3ds Max 2009 and above

Chris Hill
Finkbom/Picasso Pictures

A simple plait example animated using cloth simulation.

Cluster Color Variations

3ds Max 2009 and above

A simple grass example showing how clusters can be used with color variations.

Hair Ambient Occlusion

3ds Max 2010 and above

Cyber Radiance

This is a simple scene that shows how the Hair Ambient Occlusion feature of the Hair Farm Renderer works.

Girl on a Chair

3ds Max 2010 and above

Alexander Tomchuk

A nude female model with a long hairstyle and body hair.


3ds Max 2010 and above

Anish Mohan

A stylized little girl with a long hair style.

Little Girl

3ds Max 2010 and above

Nildo Hassane Essa
FX, lda

A little girl with a short hair style.

Grass and Fur

3ds Max 2010 and above

Guillaume Cerdan

Grass and a fur ball, both of which are generated using Hair Farm tools

A collection of cool images and videos produced by Hair Farm users.
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