Powerful Animation Tools

There are many different ways to animate hair using Hair Farm. Hair Farm's animation system is designed to deliver the needs of realistic, complicated hairstyles that can easily be prepared using Hair Farm's revolutionary modeling pipeline.

Hair Farm's hair simulation tool respects the shape of your hair model and does not begin distorting it with gravity as soon as you start simulating! In fact, the simulation tool does not change the shape of your hair model at all until you begin moving the hair object around or applying external forces (other than gravity).

Since I've been able to use this plugin for a few weeks,
I have to say I'm so TOTALLY happy with how it's turned out. It exceeded my expectations in every way possible.

Chris Pember
Frantic Films

Some simulation results using different parameters.

While the hair simulation system of Hair Farm permits simulating the motion of complicated hairstyles efficiently, you can also use existing animation tools in 3ds Max. Hair Farm allows you to rig and animate hair using a bone structure. If you like, you can use standard modifiers of 3ds Max to animate hair as well as space-warps. Furthermore, you can also use the existing dynamics tools in 3ds Max, such as cloth simulation, to animate hair generated by Hair Farm.

The rich variety of animation options available in Hair Farm allows you to do many things that are very difficult or even impossible to do with any other hair software.

Check out the full comparison between the Hair and Fur modifier of 3ds Max and Hair Farm.

Each and every time I use Hair Farm I am blown away.
Hair Farm is so versatile, agile and just plain fun!
The possibilities are limitless!

Lee Perry-Smith

model: Lee Perry-Smith, animation: Anish Mohan

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