Flexible Pipeline

Hair Farm got me addicted in the very first sitting. Its robust set of tools helped me create the fanciest styles in a matter of minutes! Everything about it is so much faster and stabler than anything I've used so far, be it creation, sim or rendering. Now I will never have to compromise hair style designs because here is a tool that eliminates any impossibilities.

Anish Mohan

Hair Farm is designed for CG professionals to cater to the needs of a production environment. It does not dictate a specific hair production pipeline, and it can be used in a variety ofways depending on requirements of the project at hand.

Fully Integrated into 3ds Max

Hair Farm is better integrated into 3ds Max than its built-in hair system! Modifiers, materials, maps, shadows, utility tools, etc.--everything is exactly where you would expect it to be. Furthermore, Hair Farm uses the standard 3ds Max plug-in interface for most tasks. Therefore, it permits the use of many existing tools and third party plug-ins in 3ds Max on hair generated by Hair Farm.

Hair Export

Hair Farm can be mastered in hours. Its interface is extremely easy to use, utilizing current modifier tools as well as it's own tool set to generate gorgeous hair in just hours.

Lee Perry-Smith

With Hair Farm you are not restricted to use 3ds Max for all your tasks either! You can easily convert hair strands to splines or polygonal geometry with any level of geometric complexity that you need. You can then export them to your favorite application and continue your process there.

Check out the full comparison between the Hair and Fur modifier of 3ds Max and Hair Farm.

Lee Perry-Smith - www.ir-models.com
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