Model the Exact Hairstyle You Want!

Finally, a hair system that is easy to use, reliable, and fast! The hair modeling feels like a natural extension of building your character, like it should be. Great stuff, I can't see it getting any better than this!

Rune Spaans

Hair Farm's revolutionary hair modeling pipeline gives you precise control over the shape of your hair model. Hair modeling has never been so easy! If you can model anything at all, you will be able to model the exact hair that you want with Hair Farm!

Lee Perry-Smith -

The CG community has been waiting for a solid hair solution for years. Hair Farm is that solution. It is lightning fast and easy to use, it has a revolutionary approach to hair generation, and the render quality is just jaw dropping!

Lee Perry-Smith

Hair Farm comes with various tools which make modeling all hair from fur to medium and long hair exceptionally simple. Even very long hair, which has been extraordinarily difficult with all previous hair modeling tools, is as simple as modeling any other object! The variety of modeling tools permits choosing your own way of modeling hair depending on your target hairstyle. With Hair Farm you don't need to be satisfied by some hair model that looks somewhat similar to what you imagined; Hair Farm allows you to create exactly what you had in mind and makes it easier than ever before!

Hair Farm's new hair modeling methods will make you wonder why someone hasn't done this already. Very, very intuitive way to model hair, and honestly, I can't see myself planting splines all over a model ever again. The fact that you CAN still do it the old way using splines as well is a HUGE bonus. Hair Farm has made doing hair and fur lots of fun again!

Chris Pember
Frantic Films

Hair Farm also has many hairstyling tools that provide global control over the shapes of individual hair strands. These hairstyling tools can be applied to any hair model in any order and any number of times, so that you can easily achieve the result you want. All hairstyling tools have various parameters allowing you to easily and precisely control their effect. Furthermore, most of these parameters can be controlled by assigning maps, and so you can easily have different parameter values for each hair strand if you like.

Check out the full comparison between the Hair and Fur modifier of 3ds Max and Hair Farm.

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