Grass Sim Test

Cyber Radiance

A simple simulation test of an object interacting with grass.

This is something I prepared in a few minutes just to show how HairMesh Sim can be used for simulating interactions of objects with grass-like strands. This example is just one of many ways for achieving similar effects with Hair Farm. Depending on what exactly you would like to do, you can use a similar approach or a different one.

I'd like to point out two things in this example:

  1. Note that the "subdiv" parameter on the Collisions rollout of the HairMesh Sim modifier is non-zero (5 in this case). This permits more accurate collisions between the orange ball and the hair mesh. If you keep this parameter zero, only tip points would collide with the ball, which would produce poor results.
  2. The HairStyle PushOut WSM is used for making sure that no strand would intersect with the ball. If you turn off this modifier, you can see some intersections in some frames.

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